Happy 2022!!


A new year arrived and it finds us full of energy to make this year memorable!! last months of 2021 were full of nice surprises and good news for the lab:

  • Bea got a 1-year predoctoral contract cofinanced by Ford and the Apadrina la Ciencia foundation. She comes back to the lab next week for a full year to complete her doctoral thesis and, hopefully, get a couple of papers published!!
  • Pilar got a 4-year predoctoral pFIS contract starting this month, so she has a whooooole thesis ahead with us!! we are delighted she decided to embark in this adventure, jumping from her technician position into this predoctoral one.
  • Marta got a Margarita Salas posdoctoral contract from UAM. This allow us to have her with us one more year after her WCR contract finishes, and then she will come back to her thesis group for another year.
  • I got a promotion to type II Miguel Servet position starting December 2022, which gives me 3 extra years to consolidate muy group at the IISA prior to my (hopefully!!) permanent position.

For this year we hope Alba will also get a predoctoral contract, and that we will be able to incorporate at least one more researcher to the group thanks to a new funding program. And we started a new collaboration to create cellular microfluidic chips with Manu Garcia Aznar (I3A, Zaragoza), with two new researchers that will work in-between our labs. You can find the press release with all the information by clicking here and a post comming soon explaining all the details.

Press coverage of our new collaboration with Manu Garcia Aznar

Happily, the group is slowly consolidating, something really necessary to carry out high quality research! We expect great things from 2022, stay tuned!!

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