Patricia Sancho, PhD: Principal Investigator

I’m a Cellular Biologist, passionate about science and, especially, about cancer research.

I obtained by PhD in 2004 and moved to Paris (Pasteur Institute) for a first short posdoct. After that, I joined Dt. Isabel Fabregat´s lab in 2006 at IDIBELL (Barcelona, Spain). In 2012, I joined Prof. Heeschen´s group at CNIO (Madrid) as staff scientist.

I started my independent career as a Lecturer at Barts Cancer Institute (London, UK) in 2014 and moved the lab to Zaragoza (IIS Aragón) in 2017.

Beatriz Parejo, Msc: PhD student

I’m an athlete member of the Spanish Softball National Team. I’ve graduated in Biomedical Science at University of Barcelona (UB) where I was born. I had the opportunity to be trained by Dr. Sancho in the area of cancer research at IDIBELL (Barcelona) a while ago when I was studying my 2-year specialty in Pathological Anatomy prior to start my university degree. In 2014 I moved to Bolonia (Italy) with an Erasmus scholarship to perform my degree project while I had the opportunity to play the Italian Softball League with Old Parma BSC. In 2016 I finished my masters studies at VHIR (Barcelona). A year later, I started this new and fresh adventure by joining Dr. Sancho’s lab first as a research technician and now doing my PhD!

We will welcome our 2 new members on September 1st!! we are looking forward to it!

Former members of the group

Petra Jagust, PhD. PhD student (07/2014-06/2018) at BCI. Currently works as postdoc at Leonie Young´s group (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).

Andrés Cano, Msc. Msc student (10/15-06/16). Currently PhD student at Prof. Nicluou´s group ( Norlux, Luxembourg)

Elia Marcos, Msc. Undergrad student (02/16-06/16). Currently PhD student at Dr. Marta Nieto´s lab (CNB, Madrid).

Sara Compte-Sancerni. Erasmus visiting student (08/16-03/17). Currently finishing her Msc as intern at Charles River .

Beatriz de Luxán-Delgado, PhD. Postdoc (03/2016-07/2017) at BCI. Currently at Prof. Hodivala-Dilke´s lab (BCI). Still colaborating with us as research team member in our new WCR grant!

Hazel Santander. Undergrad student (10/17-06/18). Currently working on her Msc thesis at the BSICoS team (I3A, Zaragoza)

Carmen Lorente. Research technician (07/18-11/18). Currently EU project consultant at CIHEAM Zaragoza

Ansooya Bokil. Visiting researcher (10/18-01/19). She is looking for a lab to start her PhD!