From left to right: Sarah Courtois, Lorena Marchio, Patricia Sancho, Beatriz Parejo, José Luis Aldea

Patricia Sancho, PhD: Principal Investigator

Patricia Sancho

I’m a Cellular Biologist, passionate about science and, especially, about cancer research.

I obtained by PhD in 2004 and moved to Paris (Pasteur Institute) for a first short posdoct. After that, I joined Dt. Isabel Fabregat´s lab in 2006 at IDIBELL (Barcelona, Spain). In 2012, I joined Prof. Heeschen´s group at CNIO (Madrid) as staff scientist.

I started my independent career as a Lecturer at Barts Cancer Institute (London, UK) in 2014 and moved the lab to Zaragoza (IIS Aragón) in 2017.

Sarah Courtois, PhD: postdoctoral researcher

Sarah Courtois

One day at school, our teacher started talking about the human body. Since then, I am fascinated by the beauty and the complexity of this wonderful machine. Understand how it works, decipher the mechanisms and particularly contribute to identify new therapeutic targets to treat cancer, it is what I like in my job. I obtained my PhD in 2017 in Bordeaux (France) where I worked on gastric cancer in the Bordeaux Research Translational Oncology Unit (BaRITOn, Inserm U1053). Then, in 2018, I obtained an Assistant Professor position for one year in the same lab, to teach in the University of Bordeaux and to continue my projects. Now, I have just joined Dr. Sancho’s lab in Zaragoza as Postdoc, for 3 years of an enriching experience.

Beatriz Parejo, Msc: PhD student

Beatriz Parejo

I’m an athlete member of the Spanish Softball National Team. I’ve graduated in Biomedical Science at University of Barcelona (UB) where I was born. I had the opportunity to be trained by Dr. Sancho in the area of cancer research at IDIBELL (Barcelona) a while ago when I was studying my 2-year specialty in Pathological Anatomy prior to start my university degree. In 2014 I moved to Bolonia (Italy) with an Erasmus scholarship to perform my degree project while I had the opportunity to play the Italian Softball League with Old Parma BSC. In 2016 I finished my masters studies at VHIR (Barcelona). A year later, I started this new and fresh adventure by joining Dr. Sancho’s lab first as a research technician and now doing my PhD!

José Luis Aldea, Msc: lab technician

Jose Aldea

I studied a Bachelor in Biology and a MSc in Neuroscience in Salamanca University. My research project was a bibliographic review about the insulin role in Alzheimer’s Disease. In that moment, I was interested in the relationship between cell cycle and the metabolic coupling between neurons and astrocytes and how this process is impaired in pathological conditions. Two years after, I did a short stay in Biosensia, Ireland. Shortly after that, I worked as a research support technician at the Neurobiology group in Leon University (2016-2018). In the meantime, I decided to dedicate my life to research and that is when I met Patricia’s Sancho research line. I became so impressed that I applied to a job offer to know more about Cancer Stem Cells metabolism.
Now here I am, trying to give all my best in Sancho’s group!!

Former members of the group

Petra Jagust, PhD. PhD student (07/2014-06/2018) at BCI. PhD thesis: “Modulation of redox metabolism as a strategy of targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells”. Currently works as postdoc at Leonie Young´s group (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).

Beatriz de Luxán-Delgado, PhD. Postdoc (03/2016-07/2017) at BCI. Currently at Prof. Hodivala-Dilke´s lab (BCI). Still colaborating with us as research team member in our new WCR grant!

Carmen Lorente. Research technician (07/18-11/18). Currently EU project consultant at CIHEAM Zaragoza

Former Msc and Bsc students

Nitin Sewani, Msc. Msc student (03/15-08/15). Msc thesis: “Drug Sensitivity Profiling of Metformin-Resistant Cancer (Stem) Cells”.

Andrés Cano, Msc. Msc student (10/15-06/16). Msc Thesis: “Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis of Circulating Tumour Cells from an orthotopic in vivo
model of human Pancreatic Cancer”. Currently PhD student at Prof. Nicluou´s group ( Norlux, Luxembourg)
Elia Marcos, Msc. Undergrad student (02/16-06/16). Bsc Thesis: “Differentiation state dictates sensitivity to oxidative stress in Pancreatic Cancer Cells”. Currently PhD student at Dr. Marta Nieto´s lab (CNB, Madrid).

Amy Rose Hudson. Undergrad student (09/16-02/17). Bsc thesis: “Cellular effects of the inhibition of the tyrosine kinase receptor ALK in Pancreatic Cancer”.

Hazel Santander. Undergrad student (10/17-06/18). Bsc thesis: ” Inhibition of lipid metabolism in primary cultures from pancreatic cancer patients”. Currently working on her Msc thesis at the BSICoS team (I3A, Zaragoza)
Alba Royo. Undergrad student (07/19-08/19). Bsc thesis: ” Inhibition of mitochondrial dynamics preferentially targets pancreatic cancer cells with enhanced tumorigenic and invasive potential”. To be defended in 2020.

Former visiting students

Sara Compte-Sancerni. Erasmus visiting student (08/16-03/17). Currently finishing her Msc as intern at Charles River .
Sergio Escalona-López, Msc. Erasmus visiting student (10/16-06/17). Currently working as research assistant at the Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer group at IMIM (Barcelona)
Ansooya Bokil, Msc. Visiting researcher (10/18-01/19). Currently starting her PhD.