We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher!// Buscamos un investigador postdoctoral!


Sadly, our fantastic postdoctoral researcher Sarah Courtois is going to leave us soon 😦 While we are still figuring out what we’ll do without her, it’s time to look for a replacement! We are looking for a young and motivated postdoctoral researcher willing to continue an exciting project funded by WCR and AECC on the role of lipid metabolism for pancreatic cancer aggresiveness… and why not, start a new project of their choice! Although the application web (IIS Aragon) is on Spanish, we are happy to guide any prospective candidates through the process. Informal enquiries about the project are very welcome. You can learn about us and the working environment we offer in our lab by navigating through our website. Please get in touch through the contact of this web or by sending me an email to psancho@iisaragon.es.


Desgracidamente, nuestra fantástica investigadora postdoctoral Sarah Courtois nos va a dejar dentro de poco 😦 Mientras nos hacemos a la idea de qué haremos sin ella, es hora de ir buscando un reemplazo! Buscamos a un/a investigador/a postdoctoral joven con ganas de continuar un proyecto muy excitante financiado por las fundaciones WCR y AECC sobre el papel del metabolismo lipídico en la agresividad del cáncer de páncreas… y, por qué no, quizá empezar un nuevo proyecto de su elección! Aunque la candidatura se presenta a través de la web del IIS Aragón, estaremos encantadas de guiar a cualquier candidato a través del proceso, así como resolver cualquier duda sobre el proyecto. Podéis conocer un poco más de lo que hacemos en el laboratorio y el ambiente de trabajo navegando en esta web. Por favor, contactadnos a través del formulario de contacto de esta web o via email a psancho@iisaragon.es


We offer an exciting PhD project for the INPhINIT PhD fellowships programme from “La Caixa” Foundation. The phylosophy of the programme is the attraction of outstanding students of any nationality for a PhD in Spain or Portugal, offering them an integral formative programme in centres of research excellence.

The candidate will join a young and vibrant research group devoted to the study of pancreatic cancer metabolism, focusing on CSC-targeting therapeutic strategies. The present project involves the study of the role of lipid storage and mobilization for CSCs adaptation to the changing and challenging conditions characteristic of tumor progression and metastasis. We aim to analyze the specific role of lipid uptake, storage and mobilization for tumor progression in order to identify and validate the most effective and readily translatable CSC-targeting strategies. For that purpose, the candidate will work with PDAC patient-derived material from solid and liquid biopsies both in vitro and in vivo.

The candidate will use a broad range of cellular and molecular biology techniques, including 3D cultures of tumor-derived cells, co-culture with stromal cells, isolation of rare subpopulations by FACS sorting and metabolic/metabolomics assays, as well as in vivo experiments involving tumorigenicity and metastasis assays. We are currently collaborating with 2 different groups located in the UK, so opportunities for short stages in those labs will be available during the completion of the PhD.

Desired skills of the candidates are: MSc in any Biomedicine-related discipline, knowledge of basic cellular and molecular techniques, knowledge of cellular metabolism, and experience in cancer research.