Support our research!!!

We have created a crowdfunding campaing through the Spanish platform PRECIPITA. Our goal is to get funds to support our PhD student Bea Parejo, whose contract finishes by the end of september. This means 25% of the lab!!

Our reasearch aims to understand the role of fat for pancreatic cancer aggressiveness. We have observed that the cells with high capacity of forming new tumors in the pancreas or in other organs, can acumulate and metabolize fatty acids. This makes them completely independent from the environment, since they can use their own fat stores if there are not enough nutrients around!

We aim to understand this process and find new therapies to starve these aggressive cells to death: we can either block fatty acids import from the environment or we can let them store the fat but block its metabolism. This leads to the creation of fatty cells, which cannot move and eventually die!

Check out the official video of the campaing!

We need your support!! Collaborate with us!!

The webpage for donations is only in Spanish, but we can guide you through the process!!

Back to life after covid-19

Hi everyone! These last months have been challeging for many of us. We´ve been so overwhelmed that we never even updated our web! This post aims to be a quick compilation of main changes happening in the lab.

I´ll little by little update this post with the following topics:

-We had the chance to spend several weeks with our visiting researcher Pilar Acedo 🙂

From left to right: Beatriz Parejo, Sarah Courtois, Pilar Acedo, Alicia Lasierra and Lorena Marchio

-Almost at the same time we said goodbye to Lorena and Jose 😦 . We will miss you soooo sooo much.

Bea, Lorena & Sarah… Cheers!!

-We had in the lab (remotely most of the time) two wonderful Msc students: Alicia and Pilar, who has joined us as a technician replacing Jose.

Clockwise: Beatriz Parejo, Alicia Lasierra, Pilar Espiau & Sarah Courtois

-We worked from home since March 16th to May 11th… and coming back felt soooooo good!! even with the masks!!

Bea, Pilar & Sarah

-We have collaborated in 2 amazing papers just published in Nature Communications: one dissecting the role of stromal FAK in cancer metabolism with Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke (Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK) and the other describing how ISG15 contributes to mitochondrial health in pancreatic CSCs, with Bruno Sainz Jr (IIB, Madrid, Spain)

-We have some new funding coming!! This is part of the making of! Stay tunned for updated information!!

Team work-zombie survival!

Our group is commited to keep a healthy work environment and strenghen our team spirit. For that reason, we decided to go and kill some zombies at a virtual reality game!! We had loads of fun and learn a bit more about ourselves working together under a lot of pressure!! An experience to repeat soon!!

#WorldCancerDay 2020

On February 4th we celebrate World Cancer Day to raise awareness, improve education and take action. We all have a role to play in reducing the global impact of cancer!

This year’s theme is ‘I Am and I Will’, a campaing to impulse our commitment to act. We have decided to join this movement from the lab by creating a poster and a video, that we hope you enjoy! You can find the video below. Check it out!

Our first official lab meeting!!!

We welcome Jose, Sarah and Lorena!

The new academic year starts and the lab is full of people!! (well, at least it feels full for Bea and I… 😉 )From left to right: Bea (you know her already 🙂 ); Jose , our new technician; Sarah, our postdoc, and Lorena, our visiting PhD student from Prof. Giuseppe Gasparre´s group in Bologne.