Support our research!!!

We have created a crowdfunding campaing through the Spanish platform PRECIPITA. Our goal is to get funds to support our PhD student Bea Parejo, whose contract finishes by the end of september. This means 25% of the lab!!

Our reasearch aims to understand the role of fat for pancreatic cancer aggressiveness. We have observed that the cells with high capacity of forming new tumors in the pancreas or in other organs, can acumulate and metabolize fatty acids. This makes them completely independent from the environment, since they can use their own fat stores if there are not enough nutrients around!

We aim to understand this process and find new therapies to starve these aggressive cells to death: we can either block fatty acids import from the environment or we can let them store the fat but block its metabolism. This leads to the creation of fatty cells, which cannot move and eventually die!

Check out the official video of the campaing!

We need your support!! Collaborate with us!!

The webpage for donations is only in Spanish, but we can guide you through the process!!

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