Back to life after covid-19

Hi everyone! These last months have been challeging for many of us. We´ve been so overwhelmed that we never even updated our web! This post aims to be a quick compilation of main changes happening in the lab.

I´ll little by little update this post with the following topics:

-We had the chance to spend several weeks with our visiting researcher Pilar Acedo 🙂

From left to right: Beatriz Parejo, Sarah Courtois, Pilar Acedo, Alicia Lasierra and Lorena Marchio

-Almost at the same time we said goodbye to Lorena and Jose 😦 . We will miss you soooo sooo much.

Bea, Lorena & Sarah… Cheers!!

-We had in the lab (remotely most of the time) two wonderful Msc students: Alicia and Pilar, who has joined us as a technician replacing Jose.

Clockwise: Beatriz Parejo, Alicia Lasierra, Pilar Espiau & Sarah Courtois

-We worked from home since March 16th to May 11th… and coming back felt soooooo good!! even with the masks!!

Bea, Pilar & Sarah

-We have collaborated in 2 amazing papers just published in Nature Communications: one dissecting the role of stromal FAK in cancer metabolism with Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke (Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK) and the other describing how ISG15 contributes to mitochondrial health in pancreatic CSCs, with Bruno Sainz Jr (IIB, Madrid, Spain)

-We have some new funding coming!! This is part of the making of! Stay tunned for updated information!!

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